Friday, March 20, 2009

Fresh Faced

Last minute date? Were you also caugt in the rain and look like a drowned rat? Chances of this happening in London are high. So head over to The Powder Room , in the Shoreditch part of town for a quick fixer-upper at an affordable price. For £15, you can have either your hair or makeup done. You can’t even pick up a new lipgloss at Selfridge’s Chanel counter for £15. Have your cuticles seen better days? Try a manicure starting for the same low price.

This new salon is a great addition for us ladies who need a little extra help looking our best. The stylist are dressed in retro garb referencing the 1950s. The decor matches the throwback vibe as well. Its as if you are stepping back in time when women honored their weekly beauty apointments. Using only the best products from Bumble and Bumble and Mavala you will get excellent services that will leave some dough over so you can pick up a hot new dress at top shop for that special someone. Remember first impressions are important, so head over to the Powder Room and put your best face forward.


136 Columbia RoadLondon E2 7RG

Phone: 0207 729 1365

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