Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joe Want Some Coffee

In these economic times splurging on a daily latte has turned from a small indulgence to big ticket item. If you can’t cut out your Venti Caramel Macchiato out of your daily grind, but feel guilty about forking over $5+ every morning you may want to make the small investment in the Starbucks Gold Card . At a party this weekend I found out about this savings card from a Starbucks aficionado. He enlightened me to the benefits this little card brings java addicts. For a nominal, annual fee of $25 you reap some amazing benefits. First off when you purchase this card in store you get a free drink; yes at first it seems like a $25 cup of coffee. I see this, but the benefits out weigh the costs. However, it is Starbucks way of saying thank you for being such a loyal customer. Once you activate the card you receive 10% off all purchases, such as drinks, coffee makers, travel mugs, etc. This way you can enjoy their goodness at home and on the way to the office. If you have a daily habit the card will only cost you about 6 cents per visit. Need a 2nd one to make it through the day, and the daily cost drops even more.

In addition to not feeling incredibly guilty on drinking designer coffee you will receive free Wi-Fi per day for 2 hours in any Starbucks locations that offer the service. A non-gold card holding customer has to shell out over another $4 just to enjoy surfing the net while sipping on his Mocha, but you my friend will get the added perk. On your birthday you are treated to a free beverage of your choice. Throughout the year Starbucks will notify you when they have exclusive offers and discounts for card holders only. Even if you can’t think of spending $25 for a discount of 10% this is a great gift for someone who can’t kick their Starbucks habit. Wrap one up for your highly caffeinated friend or relative. They will truly appreciate the savings for the next year to come.

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