Thursday, July 22, 2010

16 Handles, A Million Options

With the hot weather you need something to cool yourself down with. Frozen yogurt seems like the best option. Last night over a hot spicy Mexican meal my friends and I were reminiscing about the sundae bars we used to indulge in at sorority parties. After salivating, we headed straight to 16 Handles. Taking a note on the fro yo trend, 16 gives the customer endless options. So there are 16 self serve flavors flavors (duh) and a fully loaded toppings bar. You choose your dessert destiny from having a dab of yogurt with Cap'n Crunch and lychee or a rainbow of flavors with chocolate sprinkles. You pay for what you buy, so every ounce costs 49 cents. In the realm of overpriced under flavored yogurt (I am talking to you tasti delight) this has value. Currently there is the East Village and Garden State Plaza locations in operations, but wait because this place is expanding down the eastern seaboard. The yogurts actually taste like their names and you get however much will fill you up. So head to the East Village and pretend you are at a bat mitzvah when dessert is served.
Image via Steve Snodgrass

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