Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bringing Home the Nail Salon.

Nail Polish by Sally Hansen at ShopStyle

Summer months call for perfectly manicured nails and toes. They just make your tan look that much better. But you do not have the time or the money between your summer parties and planned vacations. So somethings need to take a back seat. Well next time you are in your neighborhood drug store, add a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in your basket. Available in a rainbow of colors (pun intended) for under $8 a bottle you can stock up on all the trendy colors and classic ones for when you grow up. All 5 steps to a manicure are in the bottle. When applying, the brush fans out and one stroke covers the nail. The polish goes on smooth and dries instantly. Your mani will last the test of time. If it happens to chip, you can always fix it up. That never happens when you pay for a mani, which is often twice the price of this bottle. Added bonus, you do not have to get all paranoid that everyone is talking about you as they paint your nails.

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