Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion Tree

Evening Dresses by People Tree at ShopStyle

Doesn't it seem like it is constantly in our faces to purchase products that have an ulterior motive? I am going to say yes. Are you really buying these products because you support the cause or are they a fashion statement. Ask a girl on the street why she is holding a Feed Bag, and I am sure the answers are overwhelmingly varied. Then there are sometimes when us fashionistas do not want to rub our contributions in your face. People Tree is an unassuming clothing company based in the United Kingdom that is taking note of the latter. A sustainable and Fair Trade fashion company that does not slap you in the face with their mission. Producing on trend, wearable clothing, you know that you are promoting an idea that all should adopt. Each item created promotes the World Fair Trade Organization's Fair trade principles. The sale of a garment helps to bring benefits to people in 15 countries so they can continue growing cotton, weaving, dying and stitching fabric; ultimately alleviating poverty across the world. People Tree works effortlessly to make sure all processes leave a minimal impact on the environment. Fabrics use certified organic cotton which are colored using natural and safe dyes. These are not your mother's eco friendly clothing. I am sure if you went out in the bright stripe skirt your friends are going to ask which priecy boutique you got it at. Haven't gotten on the jumpsuit trend yet? Snatch up the Emma Watson for People Tree Organic Cotton Jersey Playsuit for pennies, or about 30 bucks. You will not be wearing your cause on your sleeve, but thats because it seems like everything is sleevless. With that being said, your quiet crusade will benefit more than just your rank among the fashionistas.

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