Monday, July 12, 2010

Upkeep Beauty on the Cheap

At the beginning of this little bligity blog I have been meaning to broadcast to the world the merits of getting your wig cut and colored at a styling school. However there have been so many deals and steals that have gotten in between these 200+ posts. So practicing what I preach, the weekend I made a desperate appointment to get freshened up. Let me tell you it has been ages, and I have not been wanting to dole the 50+ bucks out for a new haircut. So in a recent Time Out New York article they told me to make the 1st appointment available at The Carsten Aveda Institute. And I did; my wig could not handle another day looking like it did. So I check in and my stylist in training (SIT) picks me up and is ten times more professional than some of my other experiences. We had our consultation, she started snipping away, I read about the happenings of the Bachellorette, and she consulted with her teacher to make sure everything was going according to plan. Let's just say the teacher took scissors to my hair only once. The SIT knew what she was doing. She blew my new wig out and I was ready for my Saturday night. At the end of the day, I got a faboosh hair cut for $25 including tipo. In addition to a cut you can get a facial, conditioning treatment with their aromatic products, have your make up done, and get highlights. Ladies and gents this is not a NYC specific phenomenon. Just go to any outstanding, cutting edge salon in your neck of the woods and find out if they need models. Yes models, hair models. The SITs will be at the end of their training and the teacher will be watching every snip so there really is not much to worry about. You are getting a service from a professional who is invested in doing their best job. Prices for these services are always reduced. The only problem is with your new fab do is the next time you go to get a cut your SIT prob will just be a stylist, aka prices quadruple. If you are loyal start saving, if your like me fresh start fresh style.
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subie said...

I cannot wait to see the new do!!!