Thursday, July 22, 2010

16 Handles, A Million Options

With the hot weather you need something to cool yourself down with. Frozen yogurt seems like the best option. Last night over a hot spicy Mexican meal my friends and I were reminiscing about the sundae bars we used to indulge in at sorority parties. After salivating, we headed straight to 16 Handles. Taking a note on the fro yo trend, 16 gives the customer endless options. So there are 16 self serve flavors flavors (duh) and a fully loaded toppings bar. You choose your dessert destiny from having a dab of yogurt with Cap'n Crunch and lychee or a rainbow of flavors with chocolate sprinkles. You pay for what you buy, so every ounce costs 49 cents. In the realm of overpriced under flavored yogurt (I am talking to you tasti delight) this has value. Currently there is the East Village and Garden State Plaza locations in operations, but wait because this place is expanding down the eastern seaboard. The yogurts actually taste like their names and you get however much will fill you up. So head to the East Village and pretend you are at a bat mitzvah when dessert is served.
Image via Steve Snodgrass

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Found the Wedge and A Giveaway for You! Enter Now

If you know me, I have been on the eternal hunt for the perfect sandal this summer. Trying to find them is driving me up a wall. However, I think I found a pair to fit my bill. I am instantly drawn to the Carlos Mohican Sandal. They have my name all over it. To begin with they are so reasonable, so on trend, and so what I need to finish out this hot, hot summer. What is great, is I can get a great piece of luggage from the same site to keep my new shoe find protected while traveling. Buying a protector will keep your clothes clean and your shoes in good shape. To make this find even better I have great little something for my loyal readers. I am so excited to announce that Living the Life on a Budget has its first giveaway. Now all our readers will get the chance to Live that Life I have been telling y'all about for a long time. CSN stores is your one stop shop for all your needs on the Internet. They have everything from luggage, to furniture to anything else you can imagine. It is basically your virtual mall. So with this giveaway you have the chance to win $40 to shop on any of their 200+ sites. I know what I would get, but what are you thinking about buying if you are the lucky one? Contest runs until 7/22, 11:59 EST, so get your entries in.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion Tree

Evening Dresses by People Tree at ShopStyle

Doesn't it seem like it is constantly in our faces to purchase products that have an ulterior motive? I am going to say yes. Are you really buying these products because you support the cause or are they a fashion statement. Ask a girl on the street why she is holding a Feed Bag, and I am sure the answers are overwhelmingly varied. Then there are sometimes when us fashionistas do not want to rub our contributions in your face. People Tree is an unassuming clothing company based in the United Kingdom that is taking note of the latter. A sustainable and Fair Trade fashion company that does not slap you in the face with their mission. Producing on trend, wearable clothing, you know that you are promoting an idea that all should adopt. Each item created promotes the World Fair Trade Organization's Fair trade principles. The sale of a garment helps to bring benefits to people in 15 countries so they can continue growing cotton, weaving, dying and stitching fabric; ultimately alleviating poverty across the world. People Tree works effortlessly to make sure all processes leave a minimal impact on the environment. Fabrics use certified organic cotton which are colored using natural and safe dyes. These are not your mother's eco friendly clothing. I am sure if you went out in the bright stripe skirt your friends are going to ask which priecy boutique you got it at. Haven't gotten on the jumpsuit trend yet? Snatch up the Emma Watson for People Tree Organic Cotton Jersey Playsuit for pennies, or about 30 bucks. You will not be wearing your cause on your sleeve, but thats because it seems like everything is sleevless. With that being said, your quiet crusade will benefit more than just your rank among the fashionistas.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Upkeep Beauty on the Cheap

At the beginning of this little bligity blog I have been meaning to broadcast to the world the merits of getting your wig cut and colored at a styling school. However there have been so many deals and steals that have gotten in between these 200+ posts. So practicing what I preach, the weekend I made a desperate appointment to get freshened up. Let me tell you it has been ages, and I have not been wanting to dole the 50+ bucks out for a new haircut. So in a recent Time Out New York article they told me to make the 1st appointment available at The Carsten Aveda Institute. And I did; my wig could not handle another day looking like it did. So I check in and my stylist in training (SIT) picks me up and is ten times more professional than some of my other experiences. We had our consultation, she started snipping away, I read about the happenings of the Bachellorette, and she consulted with her teacher to make sure everything was going according to plan. Let's just say the teacher took scissors to my hair only once. The SIT knew what she was doing. She blew my new wig out and I was ready for my Saturday night. At the end of the day, I got a faboosh hair cut for $25 including tipo. In addition to a cut you can get a facial, conditioning treatment with their aromatic products, have your make up done, and get highlights. Ladies and gents this is not a NYC specific phenomenon. Just go to any outstanding, cutting edge salon in your neck of the woods and find out if they need models. Yes models, hair models. The SITs will be at the end of their training and the teacher will be watching every snip so there really is not much to worry about. You are getting a service from a professional who is invested in doing their best job. Prices for these services are always reduced. The only problem is with your new fab do is the next time you go to get a cut your SIT prob will just be a stylist, aka prices quadruple. If you are loyal start saving, if your like me fresh start fresh style.
Image via Stevendepolo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bringing Home the Nail Salon.

Nail Polish by Sally Hansen at ShopStyle

Summer months call for perfectly manicured nails and toes. They just make your tan look that much better. But you do not have the time or the money between your summer parties and planned vacations. So somethings need to take a back seat. Well next time you are in your neighborhood drug store, add a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in your basket. Available in a rainbow of colors (pun intended) for under $8 a bottle you can stock up on all the trendy colors and classic ones for when you grow up. All 5 steps to a manicure are in the bottle. When applying, the brush fans out and one stroke covers the nail. The polish goes on smooth and dries instantly. Your mani will last the test of time. If it happens to chip, you can always fix it up. That never happens when you pay for a mani, which is often twice the price of this bottle. Added bonus, you do not have to get all paranoid that everyone is talking about you as they paint your nails.