Friday, April 3, 2009

Filet Mignon for Hamburger Prices

I have been dying to go to Salt down in SoHo, since I first read about it on either Daily Candy or some review online, but when I went to Menu Pages, I figured I would save my visit for a special occasion.  Then miraculously my friend told me about this great special running on where I can patronize eateries I have been savoring over for months.  The website is selling gift certificates to your favorite restaurants for a fraction of the value on the.  For only $5 you can get a gift certificate worth $25.  This is basically getting $20 worth of food for free.  However, most of the deals are $25 certificates for only $10.  This is still an amazing deal.  I went through all the places in my area participating in this program, and the places run the gamut from pizza joints, to romantic date spots.  In the mood for Indian tonight, but know you want Tacos tomorrow?  The cuisines offered will satisfy anyone's palette.  There are some stipulations such as can only be used for dining in or only during the week.  

This is a special promotion of the month of April.  However it does not mean you have to use the gift certificates during this month.  So guys if you have a big anniversary coming up in Ju
ne, impress your lady with a candle lit dinner at the most romantic place in town.  Ladies, you know your man will forget that the big 10 year anniversary is coming this June.  Drop some hints, and send him the link to  I will hopefully get some girlfriends together who want to hit up Salt.  Their seasonal menu looks amazing.  There were also a ton of places I frequent on a reg
ular basis, so I might as well keep some gift certificates on the back burner for when I eat there.  I might just treat myself to desert that night.  It will basically be free, guilt free too.  

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