Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stop Wineing

Your wine celler is looking drab. Have you drank it all to deal with all the money you lost in the stock market? We know you don't have the same amount of cash to re-stock the cellar since your GE is stock is worth as much as last night's trash. In San Francisco, you can replenish your stock at Biondivino with a little help of a promotion they are running. Mention "UrbanDaddy" and you'll get 15 percent off any bottle of wine. There is no limit to how many you can purchase. So get a red, white, rose, and champagne. Save the champagne to celebrate when the stock market makes a significant gain. Located at 1415 Green St (Polk is the cross street), stop buy during the week until 11 PM or Sunday's until 9 PM


Anonymous said...

This is a great deal. I am going to try and find a wine shoppe that is running a similar promotion. It is a great way to try wines that I would never think of spending THAT much money on. Its a good way to test if they are really worth it.

kim* said...

ooh la la