Monday, September 22, 2008

Revisit The Past

It is one thing to spend your whole weekend scouring every second hand store and goodwill to find the perfect 1970s gown or sequined top that no-one has, but it is even better when someone has already done the work for you. However when this someone has already found the needle in the haystack the customer ends up paying through the roof for their rare find. I have seen vintage t-shirts that are held together by a fraying seam sell for upwards of $100. There is no way I can afford a ratty concert-t for that price.
I was pursuing the finds and crafts on Etsy when I came across Redux’s shop. Stocked in their shop are great vintage finds at reasonable, affordable prices. The clothing is more expensive then those at The Salvation Army, but they are nowhere near boutique prices. The pieces are vintage, fashion forward and in excellent condition. The styles look current and wearable for any occasion. You may mistake some for those on the racks at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom. However these dresses, tops and skirts have a charm that mass production cannot capture. .
My favorite piece is a Black Lace 80’s dress. The craftsmanship looks impeccable and is incredibly interesting. The front is plain and simple with a high neck; however when you turn around the low back with rosettes and ruffles is a hidden surprise that adds intrigue to any outfit. Oh and I forgot to mention it is only $42. If the dress is in the condition Redux claims, this dress is an absolute steal. You couldn’t get something like this on sale at a department store. Another favorite of mine is the 1980s Flirty Fall Floral-Print Skirt. This is a great piece for the office. It combines many of the trends from the fall runway: volume, pockets and florals. You may find a knock-off at H&M or Forever 21, but will it actually last through a wash? This one probably will. With a black top and cardigan and a great strappy wedge your outfit will be killer. This one is even better, $23.
These may seem high prices to pay for clothes someone else wore; however they are beautiful and different from anything you can find in your local mall. Vintage is a great way to look current with an edge. Every designer references the past. Stay current with the good ole days. Redux’s items are incredible. His or Her eye knows how to pick what will stand the test of time. Treat yourself to vintage that will look great for years to come.

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