Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Need an extra kick to get started in the morning? No coffee in the house? Caribou Coffee is running a promotion for 20% off any purchase online. Enter the code: FALLSALE when checking out. What is great is that there is no minimum. So go ahead and try their selections of coffees and teas to see if their roasts and blends get you going in the morning.
Caribou’s coffee is an artisanal blend of beans from all over the world. It is socially responsible coffee, so while you are sipping your morning joe a farmer is able to provide for his family. Just this makes me want a stronger caffeine high. In addition, they are helping to preserve the environment with their harvesting practices. This just means we will be able to drink Caribou’s brands for much longer. Go ahead and stock up on hot coca for those cold winter days that are just over the horizon. Sorry to burst your summer bubble, but its going to get cold sooner than later.

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