Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stand Out In The Crowd

Are you looking for a distinctive item to set you apart from everyone else? Then check out Etsy, the Mecca for all things unique. is an online market place where artists have a platform to sell their handmade and creative items. Items run the gamut from intricate necklaces to ceramic place settings for 8. There are too many items to choose from, you just may spend your whole day on the site.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Is that even possible? Etsy has a feature called Alchemy where a potential buyer can explain what they are looking for. Then artists bid on the project explaining how they can fill the buyers need.

I have used this site since last summer as both a buyer and seller. I sell my limited edition photographs from my travels. Here is a little self promotion; take a look: I have also bought some nice items on the website. I absolutely feel in love with this necklace by SkyDreams: I had never actually seen anything like and saved money to purchase it. Whenever I wear it I get tons of compliments and people always ask where it is from. I then send them to I have also purchased bath products that feel and smell like they are from a department store but for a fraction of the price.

Etsy is a great website that gives artists a chance so showcase their creative works to a larger audience. It helps promote individuality and supports the artists who want to express their visions. Not to mention, the prices are very reasonable and often too hard to believe. These artists put their heart and sole into many of these items and we benefit by looking great and not loosing too many pennies. Take a look at this ring: It is only $20. If you went into Barney’s New York on Madison Ave, you would spend upwards of $200. You can look at it as a savings of 90%. That is crazy! Go ahead shop to your hearts content, and make everyone jealous of your unique look.


Carey Lynn said...

Etsy sure is growing! it's so fun to find great stuff

trinlayk said...

Great finds, and a nice looking blog!

Hyla Waldron said...

Lovely blog post!

Annette said...

Great post on Etsy, that crystal necklace is a real stunner!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Just found your blog!
Etsy is growing fast!!