Friday, September 19, 2008

Top This

Any girl living the life on a budget across the pond lives and breathes for the Mecca Topshop. This is every fashionistas one stop shop for the latest, cutting edge looks. They stock everything from basic t-shirts, candy colored jeans, flowy frocks, killer heels and all types of undergarments to boot. Styles change weekly and prices stay consistently low. Walk into the Oxford Street flagship store in central London and it appears as if every young chic woman has descended up the store.
Tempted to jump in and swim across the pond? There is no need to scour for the cheapest flight into Heathrow. As I write this post construction on the first U.S. outpost is off the ground running in downtown Manhattan. Can’t wait? Live in Portland, Oregon? 3000 miles too far to travel? Well you are now have the luxury to be as fashionable and trend worthy as our counterparts in the U.K. The online store recently started pricing their items in U.S. dollars and listing the sizes in American measurements. There is no need to figure out what the daily exchange rate is or convert your size to the British size system. To top things off shipping is a flat rate of $15 from the U.K. That is very reasonable. It may seem steep for one item, but pool your friends together and split the cost of shipping to equate to only pennies.
Most of the jeans are under $100. You can have 3 evening tops for the price of one from a major department store. Pick up a t-shirt in every color of the rainbow and never say I have nothing to go with this again. This change is encouraging Americans to dress more fashionable, have more fun picking out a wardrobe and be at the forefront rather than following trends.


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