Friday, September 5, 2008

Save a few pennies here and there

I was cleaning out my inbox and found a great link my father sent me. It is a compilation of all the promos and coupon codes on the Internet. I know there are countless websites that list all the codes but it is great to have one saved as a favorite or bookmarked. is great because it organizes it by merchant, alphabetically, or category. So if you know exactly what you want and from where you can see if that website has a special running. Or if you need to send a friend or lover flowers you can see what online florist is running a special. It makes life so much easier. It also has a ticker, with the most recent codes that might tickle your fancy for a less guilty impulse purchase.


Giftbearer said...

Very intersting! I know nothing about code so anytime I can just copy and paste is a big help.

Stephanie said...

I am glad I can help. This is my purpose of writing this blog.

Karen said...

Great blog! Good luck with your frugal living. We do, and it becomes fun to see how much you can save! I like this site

Keep writing!