Monday, December 28, 2009

Let Them Handle The Searching

The initial point of Internet shopping was to make life easier. Then you search for sneakers, and one billion sites are returned where you can buy new kicks for your new year's resolution. Now stop furrowing your brow and head over to your one stop shop, Designer Apparel. Making your life a bit easier this site brings all the sales onto one platform. Sifting through hundreds of designers and sites to find you exactly what you were looking for. Do you have a couple of go-to brands that you treat yourself to? Sign up for their My Sale emails, where Designer Apparel will send you updates when your favorite brands have sales all across the world wide web. Once that deal pops up on your screen, click the link and you will be taken directly to the site housing the great deal. Shop and check out like you normally would; it is that simple. So now that you know the power of this website, what are you going to search for. If I could get some sick Louboutains I probably won't stop smiling for a week.
Image via Flickr

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meet Your Beauty Butler

New Year, new you. You have heard this phrase a million times. However, this time you are really considering a transformation, but you just do not know how to start. Lifebooker is here to get the outside process started. The inside takes a couch, someone with a PhD, and a lot of time and effort. So lets work on the easy stuff first. This site will transform your beauty regimen. It houses your city's exclusive spa and beauty deals for you to take advantage of. Find out where to shape those unruly brows and cut that wig of yours. Come on its almost 2010, and the Rachel is beyond old. Ate too much fruitcake yesterday? Know you are going to polish off a bottle of Champagne next week? They can even find you a detox. Nothing says New Year, New You, as a toxin free body. Just tell the site what you need done, how much you have to spend etc. Then loading on the next page are all the great deals at the best salons. This is a co-ed operation, so spruce up your man too. You can find him everything from that shave he has needed since July 4th, to a day of manscaping. Neatness always counts. So have the booker always ready, its like having your own personal beauty butler to take care of all those pesky needs.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Lucky Cash

You know how I feel about Lucky Magazine. It encourages me to hit the net, street, mall etc to find all the goodies inside their pages. Knowing that I am not a singular case, Lucky has set up a program to reward you for your insatiable appetite to shop. If you are a loyal subscriber to the magazine you are entitled to join Lucky Rewards. Lucky has partnered with various online merchants to offer cash back bonus when you spend some of your hard earned money. The percentages can reach up to 10% back on your latest purchase. You can earn cash back from various merchants from the likes of Target to Sephora. It is simple to use. All you have to do is click on the link through the Lucky Rewards website. Go about your shopping, check out, enjoy your new clothes, camera, chocolate, etc and watch the cash pile up in your account. When you are ready, tell the progrm and they will send you a preloaded Visa card with the cash amount you have earned. Now I know you are going to go back to Lucky Rewards and put that cash towards some internet purchase to fill up your account.
Image via Lucky Rewards

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flatten Your Chances

Admit it we love our heels; the higher the better. But sometimes you need a break and with all the ice around a risk of a broken ankle is not worth it. The next best, fashionable option are a pair of ballet flats. Yosi Samra has some great option to fill that fashion void. Offering simple light weight flats you will wear these all over town. If you cannot part with your towering heels, these are perfect to slip into your purse as you change into your heels. Us city girls know you cannot walk twenty blocks in a 5 inch platform, without pain. This is where we have perfected the fashionable switch-a-roo. And now your new Yosi Samra flats take a supporting role. At $50 a pair, they are the perfect shoe to have as back up. They take up minimal room, feel like you are walking on a cloud, and prevent unsightly bunions (gross, but a consequence of heels for hours on end). So if I have not convinced you to walk a little closer to the ground, I give you permission to check out the other sections of the site, they do have some great heels.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open Dores

I have a soft-spot for anything having to do with a certain shipping family. I got a good four years out of them. Thats why I am going to head over to Brooklyn and check out the newest bar in town, The Vanderbilt. Anchored down in Prospect Heights, the newest bar is adding history into the mix. Taking a note from the gastropub trend sweeping the streets you can cozy up to a Sixpoint Sweet Action ($6) and a pot of Steamed Bouchot Mussels ($12) while catching up with your college buddies. The warm, homey dark wood interior will help winter nights go by as you hope for the green of spring to emerge. I am writing this during the first snow fall of the season, so I know you can sympathize. Maybe you will try a signiture cocktail ($9) like the King Edward which Tasting Table says is "a strapping, aromatic blend of rye, Cherry Heering and vanilla, with a spritz of Scotch providing smoky depth." This is a place I will make the trek out into the BK for. You can find me there soon waiting at the end of the bar for Cornelius to walk in.

Image via Daily Candy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barky Bites

Some people have lists and lists of people to buy gifts for, where you only have one significant other. That significant other just happens to have four legs and he just happens to want something that can go in his mouth. If its a plush chew toy, your new Jimmy Choos, or a huge cheeseburger. Why don't you treat your pooch to something that will satisfy his little tummy. Also you will not be running to the cobbler to get your heels reattached to your shoe. Then it is time to order your Puppy Cake. Sounds funny, because it is. Head over to their site and order a box of cake mix. Yes you read that correctly, cake mix for your puppy. Just like those devilish treats you enjoy, you can whip up a batch of holiday treats. Your spoiled pooch deserves this treat for keeping you company, warm and safe. Is his birthday coming up and all the canines from the neighborhood coming to a party? These are the perfect party food for his friends. We all know that you consider him to be your flesh and blood, so feed him like one. No more food from a can.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Independently Chic

I love an independent designer like the rest of them, but I only like never own. I simply cannot afford the price tags associated with the chicness that accompanies a independent designer. I understand that I am paying for the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality; however at the end of the day I have an electric bill to pay. Then I found Take Your Clothes Off. Housed on my favorite site Etsy TYCO has simple yet edgy pieces to add to your independent designer collection. The dresses are a perfect balance between structure and draping. I did not know you could have a dress that encompassed both before visiting the Etsy shop. Or check out the Cowl Wing Vest, which is business in the front and total sex in the back. Before you wear this number work on your lat-pulls at the gym. What about a little something for the hipster man in your life? The Shredded Stripes Tee has hipster written all over those strategic distressed stripes. Most items in this shop are $120 and under. They are unique and simple enough for everyday wear. And this is exactly what you will do, is wear TYCO items every day.
Image via Etsy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Clothing Cycle

Recycling is trendy, so why not look trendy when participating in this everlasting trend. Well let's just say you will be wearing those recycled goods. With this far from stellar economy consignment shops have popped up and are currently booming. In Miami the latest shop to open in town is The Sale Rack, which brings customers designer goods at deep discounts. Since the ladies of Miami love the finer things in life expect to see some great labels from Marc Jacobs to Paul and Joe. Nothing on the racks are over $75 and most start at $12, that's better than the after Christmas sale at Saks. On the other, you know your wardrobe will be augmented by your loving friends and family this season, bring in that whole wardrobe with the tags still left on or those never worn shoes to The Sale Rack. If your goodies sell you can keep 30 percent of the profit to go to Aventura for a dress that will probably end up back at The Sale Rack. Or take a gander at what the other ladies of Miami have brought in and get 35 percent of your profit to store credit. All items accepted are in excellent condition. This is not like walking into the Goodwill and finding the needle in the hay stack. This is like stepping into the trendiest boutique and leaving with the looks of the runway. Go step on that catwalk and show them all what you just scored at the Rack
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Friday, December 11, 2009

So in life there are ridiculous things you just cannot help but buy. In the spirit of the impending New year, you are are going to pop some bubbly. Well why not brew your own batch. Check out Spike Your Juice, straight from Germany where you can do this in three simple steps. Sounds crazy and a wee bit frattastic, but why not have some fun. How it works is you take a 64 ounce bottle of juice, and pour the special packet into the bottle. Throw away the lid that came with the bottle and replace it with the air locked one provided in your kit. After about 48 hours you have yourself a nice fermented beverage whose bubbles will tickle your nose. For 10 bucks you get yourself a kit with 6 packets to juice up your next party. Its not the finest beverage from the hills of France's champagne region, but it is a chance to have a little fun with the bar at your next party. The website even has recipies to better use your new concoction. When someone asks you what vineyard and vintage your spirit is, have some fun and make them think you know your wines.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty Blitzkreig

You walk into Sephora with the intentions of buying a lipgloss, and some how end up with eyeliner, shampoo, nail polish and a face mask.  For some reason you do not even have that forsaken lipgloss you went there for.  What if you could try and get these goodies for free?  You would be in beauty heaven.  Then I have a daily task for you.  1) Head to over to Beauty Blitz, your new bible for all things beauty related.  2) Click the Free Style Tab for your chance to win products and goodies from fragrance to foundation. 3) Repeat.  You have a chance to score some great products.  This month you can score Arcona Cranberry Gommage which will keep your mug shot glowing through the holiday season.  I know what you are thinking, I am never going to win, but that is a lie.  I know for a fact that you can win, multiple times.  So when your friends ask why your wig looks fab, and your complexion looks like a cover girls, refer them to your new favorite website.  

Friday, December 4, 2009

Minky Bling

So the sparkly trees all around remind you how you are missing that personal adornment.  You have been looking for a great piece of jewelry that will add to your Holiday glam.  Wendy Mink is the perfect stop to add that perfect twinkle to your outfit.  She has great pieces that fit your boho lifestyle or that extra wow factor for your New Years celebration.  Her crystal layered necklace will work like a charm and make your Forever 21 dress look like a Fendi.  Additionally her delicate pieces will work seamlessly into your everyday life.  The hoop earring options will punch up your office wear.  Prices are relatively inexpensive to begin with, but starting December 10th in New York City, the Wendy Mink Sample Sale will be taking place.  With prices severely slashed it will be hard to contain oneself, and with the upcoming holidays you may just need to get all your ladies a little trinket  If you cannot get to the Lower East Side, or happen to be a wee bit far from the city limits, there is a sample sale section online.  You will not feel cheated, and there are pages of baubles to fawn over.         

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return of a Classic

Is it the colder months that makes me crave comfort food? Is it the fact that I am currently eating my mother's brisket influence this post? Most definitely yes. But going to the trouble of making stick to your ribs food can take a whole day's effort. So if you are in Atlanta, you may want to head to The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant to get comfortable. Returning after a 2 year hiatus this restaurant is updating its star dishes and adding new flavor to the mix. From their Roasted Chicken to Zucchini Fritters you will be able to warm from the inside out as the days get colder. On Sunday's enjoy the buffet style Champagne Brunch. All the classics make an appearance from waffles to the southern favorite of peel and eat shrimp. For under $25 you maybe able to fill up for a days worth of calories. i.e. small dinner. With its proximity to the Peachtree-Dekalb Airport you will understand the aviation decor. Now this is a reason to show up to your flight with plenty of extra time.