Sunday, November 28, 2010

So your sick of it. Your apartment, your home, your bedroom, that corner. It needs something; It needs a change. But redecorating is sucks your will to live. That's why I leave that job to others (thanks mom and auntie). We know you are busy right now because of the holiday times, but come 6 weeks from now when your New Years Resolution will be in full swing you are going to want a change.  This year we resolve to redesign our apartments and not our bodies.  We know we can't keep the later.  It is beyond overwhelming to start this project, but keep MyDeco in your back pocket.  This will be your only Internet stop for your decorating dilemmas.  Taking the plethora of websites out in the black hole called the Internet, My Deco aggregates everything that's of quality in one neat website.  Cutting the time of picking out a sofa or a throw pillow you won't be overwhelmed with the options, but be able to make clear decisions about how your palace should look.  In addition, there is are experts to give advice, 3D planning tools to give your perspective and the key to success these days a social network of users to give you advice, ideas and opinions.   The site is easy to use and you may get lost in the fantasy, but once you come back from the rabbit hole your apartment will be the example of pristine decorating among your friends. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Favorite E.L.F.

My name is Stephanie, and I am addicted to beauty products. I fully admitted to myself and all those around me that I had an addiction this past weekend when I was at Target. Mind you I did major shopping less than a week before in the product department.  Perfectly placed at the end of the isle were the Eyes, Lips, Face products for the holiday shoppers. There were sets with eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. There were small and large options. Like a moth to a flame I was there with arm fulls of options. As I shopped the rest of the store I eliminated varieties. Until I was left with just one, the Limited Edition Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Variety is an understatement, there are 100 eyeshadow shades, none of which I have ever had before (yeah right). I tried to guilt myself out of buying it. Telling myself there was no reason I needed it, for that price would the shadows actually work, why did I want to shlep this back from Florida, etc. But I could not do it. There was a little red sticker that was subconsciously telling me to buy buy buy. This red sticker said it was $10, yes ten bucks for 100 hundred eyeshadows; ten cents per shade. I can't even get 2 lattes for that price.  So when I got it back north, in one piece, I didn't know where to begin. Do I go safe with neutrals or play with color? If you know me, you know the answer. It was love at first application. I am glad I didn't wait, the Target up in Harlem was sold out. Each day is a new color option and it lasts through out. Now go track one down and paint the town, with your beautiful face.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boom Boom Design You

We all want to appear cultured, even if we are not.  So we go to the museum shops and buy prints of Vermeer paintings.  Well I buy them because he is my favorite artists and love that his entier life's work was basically painted by the same window and amount to a baerly enough for a retrospective.  So I would say I am cultured and like to show for it.  That's why the shops on Designboom have great items to show your artistic preference.  Designboom is a sight that displays some of the most cutting edge displays of architecture, art and design.  Their "museum shop" allows for one to purchase items inspired by these unique artists.  There are fun childish items like crayon rings.  Great for your budding princess or the glamour artist in you that does not want to give up her bling.  There are intricite lamps that are just made from paper.  Scare a dinner guest with the Shark Fin salt and pepper shakers.  Everything in this store looks like it would be found lingering in a Phillipe Starck hotel or property.  So what is stopping you from making you abode the next hotspot for models and fashionistas to stop at? 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let No One Go Thirsty

So the fact that a water bottle cost 9 dollars is not something I would usually write about. The fact that I am on a crusade to save the planet since I was about 5 is very apparent. So I will shell over 10 bucks to never have to buy a water bottle from a hot dog stand in Manhattan. Vapur is the anti-bottle because when it is empty its flat as a pancake and fits in any space available in your pocketbook.  When the thirst hits, find a water fountain, tap, cooler or a Brita to fill it up.  No longer will you have to tote those annoying metal bottles that clink and clank on everything you own.  So long is the bulk.  No longer will you have to shell out 3 bucks to the hot dog man down in SoHo for a bottle you just cannot seem to find a recycling bin for once you are down.  The bottles come in an array of colors each with a mini carabiner to attach to your purse.  They are freezable which is great for long trips and made in the USA.  So add a Vapur to your Holiday list.  There is no reason why you should ever be thirsty again. 
Image via Vapur

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet and Beachy

It may not exactly be the time for ice cream, but I hear in LA the mercury never dips below 70.  So maybe I need to try it out for a bit.  To be honest, when it gets to be negative 50 in New York as long as I am cozies up in my apartment I won't hesitate to grab a spoon and a pint.  So whats stopping me?  Nothing.  This is why I may book the next budget fair to LaLa Land for this confection.  Why would I cross the country for one of Beachy Cream's Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Hello there is ice cream and their are cookies; what more could a girl ask for?  Taking organic, sustainable, local ingredients Beachy Cream whips up interesting concoctions.  There is the Key Lime Cowabunga which is a refreshing Key Lime ice cream smushed between two coconut oatmeal cookie.  Hello, Caribbean vacation!  Our Strawberry Surfer Girl is sugar cookies with a strawberry balsamic swirl.  Those are just two I would hoover down once I got my hands on them.  You can pick up your choices at various locations or follow the cart on twitter.  Unlike your childhood memories, the cookie probably won't stick to your fingers.     
Image via Beachy Cream

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beneficial Shopping

We all love to shop.  Do not deny it.  I see you shaking your head in the corner as you try and hide those shopping bags.  Yes we are all victim to it.  I will stand on the roof tops and scream "I am Stephanie, and I love to SHOP."  However, if you are like me too you also like to spend as little as possible.  But what if you could or could not save on said purchase but made a little back from swiping your plastic.  Now that the busy holiday season is fast approaching sign up for to make money from all those presents you will be buying regardless.  On you will earn cash back on all major retailers, up to 15% of your purchase.  Every store from Saks Fifth Ave to Barnes and Noble is on site for you to start earning as you spend.  Sign up today and 5 bucks are deposited in your account.  When you reach 10 smackers you can cash out with a check or deposited in your Pay Pal account.  Tell your friends about it and when they spend $25 both you and your friend will get $5 deposited in your account.  Before clicking order see if there is a coupon listed on the site as well.  When the urge to shop hits make sure that is in your tool bar so you do not miss out on earning.  With all those presents you need to buy earning all that cash back will not be hard.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

There is nothing I love more than a weekend brunch.  I would do it every Saturday and Sunday if I could (I am talking to you my lovely friends in NYC ;-)).  I would do it in every city, like Chicago.  On my list of stops would be Bakin' & Eggs.  Their brunch menu is teaming with all the classics from eggs your way to buttermilk pancakes.  If you want to think outside the box indulge in the bacon waffle that is made with a rum batter.  Head down south for a meal with the southern comfort bowl.  If you can't get out of bed for brunch this weekend Bakin & Eggs serves both breakdfast and lunch during the week.  Trust me we have all been there.  There is a full breakfast menu, so you can catch some of the brunch features.  The lunch options have everything from a beet salad to a turkey wrap.  Each day of the week there are daily specials from half priced espresso drinks all day on Tuesdays to kids eat free on Thursdays.  Add it to the list of brunch spots, I know I would if I were heading to the Windy City. 
Image via baube1942

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group Star Savings

Groupon, KGB deals, Living Social, those are just a few of the coupon sites you buy from on a daily basis thanks to Yipit's daily email. Chances r you are not schlepping to X for Y or you really never see youreself waling the tight rope between 2 buildings. Or your the one who missed the chance to save 50 percent to risk your life. Maybe Lifesta will have that missed opportunity. Site is the eBay for group buying websites; it is a market place for you to buy and sell all of those daily deals that we need in our lives.  If you have a deal that you know you will never use, you list it on the site.  Then the person who keeps kicking themselves for letting it slide serendipitously stumbles upon your listing.  Its the perfect transaction.  You get your money back for that deal you have no idea why you purchased and the buyer gets exactly what they were looking for.  No worries about buying a fake; every transaction is guaranteed to be authentic by The Lifesta Deal Guarantee. To sell your deals you click "Sell A Deal" and follow the instructions. You set up your seller profile, tell them the deal and have an Amazon Payments account.  Simple enough.  Once the buyer is charged  the money is deposited into your account.  If you are buying, you will get an electronic copy of your purchase for you to print out at your leisure.  Now that you do not have to think twice about all those deals just buy them, you can always sell them to someone who is actually interested later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charm It Up

I love a good charm.  I may wear opulent, over the top baubles; lets face it I go big or I go home.  Even when I am going in either direction I am always wearing my simple charm necklace.  As I scrolled through my reader to see what was happening on the blogosphere, Love at First Shop had made the most charming purchase.  Pun is intended to the max.  I Adorn U, on Etsy, has some of the greatest simple but uber interesting pieces I have seen out there.  Trying to diversify my jewelry drawer, one of the elegant bracelets would fill the void I have.  The initial bunny bracelet is the perfect answer and addition to all of the bangles and beads I pile on.  Let's face it every girl wants to feel feminine and theses accessories are a great option.   Since it is holiday time, this shop has the perfect nostalgic gifts for you and your best friend.  Buy the bestie the Best Friend Necklace; you get one whale and she gets the other.  Prices are beyond affordable and they are great ways to add a classic touch with a twist.  I know I will be adding the options to my holiday list.  Now the trouble comes to when I have to narrow it down. 

Image via Love At First Shop