Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ride Amongst The Monsters

You moved to the city, got rid of your car, and committed to living a green lifestyle. This means you have one of those retro bikes with the wicker basket. Now you need to build up the courage and get on that two wheeler. Your excuse of "how do I get there" now fails thanks to Ride The City. Now serving New York City, Chicago, and Austin Ride the City is the Hop Stop for your biking needs. Enter your starting and ending address and volia your route is calculated. Ride the City will calculate while avoiding roads that are not suitable for the biking set such as highways and busy streets. If there is a bike path, RTC will find you those streets that are on your way. Hello safety first. Speaking of safety, wear your helmet, this is a time that fashion does not always come first.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Relaxed Prices

At the end of each day I wish I could get a massage to let the stress of the day just melt away. However there is no chance my pocketbook could handle the stress of paying. Prices for an hour massage are usually in the triple digits. If I were a resident of Philadelphia, I think I would indulge in my wishes at
Affordable Skin Care Salon. This no frills salon provides services that the most pretentious place offers at six times the price. With no facial over $50 you can treat yourself to that glowing look without the added guilt. Remove your unwanted hair for the same prices as the seedy nail place on your corner. An hour massage will run you $52, and thats less than a dollar a minute. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuro muscular, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Rolfing and Athletic message; all for the same low price. Because you and I both know this will become a weekly habit, so does ASKS. They will offer you a discount if you become one of their regulars. Call now, because once people catch on, getting an appointment will be like finding these prices at another salon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flip for College

So you may be out of college for one year, or for ten years, but man you miss it. What do you miss most? The friends, the forum for free thinking, or the frat parties. Its the frat parties, and more importantly flip cup. You dominated that sport for four years. Well will you still be the champion when you head to Las Vegas this Fall The World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament on October 11th? For a $30 entry fee you can participate you can press your luck at winning a 7-night Jamaican vacation. Hello Spring Break 2010. He or She who wins the Survivor tournament is going on a cruise for 2 to the Grand Caymans thanks to VH1's Best Cruise Ever. This happens to be a floating music festival featuring the likes of Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, and so much more. Not showing your best game? You could win other prizes from a Vegas vacay package to tables to help with next year's event. For your small registration fee you get access to a 3-hour open beer bar and free playing beer included. Being held at the Hooters Casino Hotel (how appropriate) participants can get discounted rates on rooms starting at around $70. Just tell them you are a "FlipCup" member to get in on the sweet deal. So book your flights to Vegas now, and have no regrets, play like a champion. In your nice room, you can spend the 12th recovering, and not cramming for that O-chem test.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Frustrated Decorator Gets Paid

You have just moved into your new apartment, home, RV, and want to decorated it for the pages of Domino Magazine. I know you plan on going to HomeGoods at my recent suggestion. However, you have no idea where to start. Why not head over to The Style Scoope on HomeGood's site. This is an invaluable tool to find out exactly how you should decorate your new place. This 10 question quiz will help you decide what to do with your new blank canvas. Additonally, it will help you to incorporate trends into your new decor. I am an Elegant classic who has a refinded sensibility that appreciates history and traditon when it comes to my furniature. I value beauty, such as hand crafted items or family heirlooms. As the quiz predictied I appreciate comfort, and have an open environment to welcome guests in. To make this worth your while, once you take the quiz, your are entered into a $5,000 shopping spree or a daily HomeGoods giveaway. With $5,000 to spend at HomeGoods, I hope you have a mansion to decorate. Now go find out how your home should be decorated.

Mojito Mondays! Terrible Tuesday?

So you are already planning your weekend, but what happens when it is over? Are you going to have a manic Monday? Well if that is the case you should probably head over to Calle Ocho on NYC's Upper West Side for Mojito Mondays. You need something to help unwind. For just $5 you can order any of Calle Ocho's special mojitos and daquiries. On any normal night these fresh libations will run you 10 to 12 dollars. This special lasts all night long and is honored at both the bar and main dining area. I have participated in Mojitio Mondays twice and both times did not disapoint. I returned, duh. If you stay in the bar area, the chef may just suprise you with their delicious tapas. Head to the spacious dining room and enjoy your drinks with the fabulous food Calle Ocho's kitchen sends out. If you are lucky they may still have their restuarant week menu as a affordable, beyond delicious option. Just be careful, you do not want to over indulge in those yummy drinks. They do taste like candy. As my fellow mojitoite said, Mojito Mondays=Terrible Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Want This, Need That

So you know my obsession with Balmain; we have covered that already. I have also sensed you know I have a bit of a shoe addiction. Is my assumption correct? So as I am going thourgh the Fall 09 Balmain RTW runway show and I am transfixed on the feet. Hello those shoes are fabulous. I hate to admit it but I already have ones that look just like the bow on toe pumps (my bow is gold though). Thank you Betsey Johnson's affordable and trend ahead Fall 07 shoe line. But then those boots came on screen. With those buckles. In the words of Rachel Zoe "I DIE" for them. The Multi-Buckle Suede boots are show stoppers. With your most simple outfit you will look ten times better than any gal in the room. Well you would have to wear them with your simple outfit from season's past since these boots run over $1600. Well in an effort to pay for life's necessities I pass on these boots until that fateful day yesterday, when I was catching up on others in the blogosphere. Here at Dry Clean Only's home base I stumbled upon life's budget answer to my Balmain woes. I read, I pondered, then my jaw dropped. PAYLESS?! Really, I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in there. Gathering my lunch crew, we went over to try on the Alice + Olivia Madison Biker Boot. At $49.99, do you think I thought twice as I entered shoe bliss? I think not. With my purchase in hand, I skipped out the door. Just what to wear these with? With only 2 buckles but a comfortable wedge, I just may live in these. Madison is currently sold out, but I have a feeling these are so hot, Payless is going to put these back into production. With a BOGO event, do you think I passed on it? Nope. Now its time to save some money for clothes come the chillier months.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vietnamese Footlongs

So it seems the Vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi are all the rage. They have recently made an appearance on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Have Ever Ate and a nice street meat write up in Urban Daddy. Everywhere I turn I can get this nosh. From coast to coast you can get this lunch delight for a small price. Although not the healthiest, whats wrong with a treat from time to time. You need to change up that boring lunch during the week. What makes it even better, this rather large and filling sandwiches rarely tips the scales over five dollars.
Whats a Banh Mi you ask? Well better than your traditional 5-dollar foot long, it is a french style baguette with traditional Vietnamese flavors usually in a pork form from a meatball to a bar-b-qued fashion. You can often find other options from ham to grilled chicken (for the healthy set). Then on top of the main protein is usually liver pate, mayo, soy sauce, shredded pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalapenos and cucumbers. No worries, if you cannot stand the heat of jalapenos or will not try daikon. Since most of these sandwiches are fresh and made to order, tell them you do not want the pate.
I tried the Banh Mi on a whim with a friend from the suggestion from her foodie boyfriend. She convinced me to try, and boy I did not regret it. We went to a location in Chinatown (ironic, I know) for this bready delight. As we went our separate ways, I brought mine home for a late lunch. Getting through one third I was fully convinced (and convinced I was full) that this was a hidden inexpensive gem in this city. After burning some off at the gym, I began to hear about this from every corner of the universe. They are popping up everywhere, so go find out the location nearest you. As we all convert from one foot long to this one, we may only be only taking the Subway from now on.

Wearable Recyclables

A good bag makes your outfit. Thats because it can hold everything you need to go about your daily life. Hello you need a place for your heels before you get to dinner. Flats are so much easier to walk in. For Fall '09, thats why you need an Erin Templeton bag for the season. All of her leather bags are made with recycled leather, so no two bags are exactly the same. Erin hand picks, conditions, cuts, and sews these great carryalls. Recycling is great, one less leather fringe jacket collecting dust in a thrift shop; however what drives the cows home is the price. These bags retail from $150 to $250.
If you know me, bigger is better, so I love the Palooka. This bag looks like it could fit my life, and my boots. It comes in multiple sizes and can be worn various ways. As you know, I love to get more for my hard earned money. Need a bag for nighttime, so your hands can be free for your drink in one hand and boy in the other? Check out the Hobo, this great messenger style is perfect for that opportunity. Check out Erin's website to find out where you can get her bags. An Etsy shop is in the works. I will be the first one to get a bag once that shop opens.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hudson Home Makeover

So unfortunately fall is right around the corner. Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but its time for new beginnings. When I say new beginnings I mean redecorating. If you are in the Boston area between now and September 7th, go to Hudson, for their semi annual sale. You can save up to 50% off furniture and home accessories, or 20% off custom upholstery and case goods. Their collection of items are for the eclectic bunch. You will be able to find anything for your decorating needs, whatever your style is. There are one of kind vintage items from German Seltzer bottles to Cafe Bench. Don't know where to start, use Hudson's design services to inspire your home's transformation. So taking on a home make over is bit of an endeavor, but you do not want to miss this sale. Hudson also has a gift section with everything from aromatic candles to sweet truffle bars by cowgirl chocolates. Yum!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blush Crush

Every girl is after the perfect blush to give them that fresh faced dewy look. I found it ladies and its at your local drugstore. So head over to CVS, Duane Reade, or whatever is in your neighborhood and pick up Sally Hansen's Sheerest Cream Blush. I picked this up on a whim and fell in love when I applied this silky smooth blush. At under $9 this blush will revolutionize your make-up routine. This is a cream blush, which is something I am not used to. However, when applying this it was the first time in my adult life I did not look like I was playing with my grandmother's make-up. I looked like the young adult I am. The soft blush blends perfectly on the apple's of your cheek to give you that dewy fresh look. It is soft and light, so you feel as if you are wearing nothing on these hot summer days. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply after you put on your foundation. Then you are done. Trust me once you leave the door, the compliments will start rolling in.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Group Savings Is The Way To Go

So you are overwhelmed by all the deals out there. You can't keep them straight. Save 20 bucks here, and 40% there; you just cannot keep it straight. What if there was a neat little place that gave you one option per day to save? You only have one decision that day about whether or not to partake in the savings. Welcome Groupon into your life. This site is for people like you and I so we can enjoy attractions, restaurants, stores, and services in our communities for a discount. Offering daily deals and steals members can buy into these savings from cities all across the country. Save from Tampa to San Diego. If you were fast enough in New York today, you could have gotten yourself a $50 meal for only $20 at Crema Mexican Restaurant. Blow some steam off for a whole day in Phoenix at Rock Gym for $8. I forgot to mention, it includes equipment rentals. Sweet deal! Now get yourself in on the group action, and sign up.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're Going to Miami Trick

Tivo is set, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is set to premier tonight. Catch the recap here. But now you are ready to plan your trip down south. You want that life, or at least the appearance you live it. So while you are shopping at Dash and sipping on drinks at the Fountainebleau, you are catching your Z's at Hollywood Beach Hotel + Hostel. Face it you do not have the money to partake in all three activities, so something has to give. And you are still young enough for a hostel experience. Remember Madrid? Where was that toilet?
Well, there will not be a toilet in the shower. This is a new concept hotel to accommodate those on a budget (aka LTLOAB readers) looking for a chic hotel right on the beach. The hostel option will give you the social option to make memories with your friends or the new ones you are about to make. Drawing inspiration from a Key West style cottage, along with their "no worries" attitude you will have the vacation you have so desired. Located right on the Hollywood Beach boardwalk, you are steps from paradise. Offering both private and shared accommodations you will receive the best quality for the dollar you are paying. There are 200 beds for guests to choose from to co-ed, single sex, and private hotel rooms. In addition to the beach, there are a ton of free amenities from surfing, and biking. Constant activity will fill your days from barbecues, fishing, surfing, kayaking and beach volleyball just steps from your door. You may never actually see the Miami you came down for. When the most expensive bed in the place is under $70, you have no excuses to get down to Miami for weekend away.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ask Alice, She Will Get It

Face it you spend your time at the drugstore, picking up toilet paper one trip, and tooth paste the next trip. You wish that the necessities in life would just show up at your door step when you actually needed it. Meet your new best friend Alice, who does the dirty work for you. This new website will do your routine chores and find you the best prices offered. She will kindly remind you when you are about to run out of shampoo, and prompt you to order more. Then Alice will package this up and send you a package to your home.
How does this work? When you sign up, you first tell Alice, how many and what type of people live in your house. House full of smelly teen age boys? She takes this into consideration. Then you tell her what you use. I am not particularly using Baby Rash cream in the near future. Well we don't live in a one brand society, so then you find the specific type of degree that keeps you smelling fresh. Need it now? Or later? Tell Alice this. If, now it goes in your shopping cart. Check out, and your stuff arrives, and shipping is always free. A nice little added bonus. Before my TP runs out, Alice will remind me its time to stock up.

Yard Work

So it is summer, and you do not really know what you want to do this weekend. You laid by the pool too many weeks in a row, and you are making your dermatologist concerned. Well, I think you should partake in one of the great American summer pastimes, and hit up your local yard sales. Where to look? Drive around town wasting gas and money hoping you stumble upon a treasure trove of goodies. Who are you fooling? Head over to Yard Sale Treasure Map, which does the dirty work for you. Type in your zip code, and up pops a map with all the listed yard sales, tag sales, exchanges happening in a designated area from your home base. Map out your day and see what you can find in your neighborhood. Now you can spend your day actually living the good life, instead of looking for the goods. Now go find that hidden treasure. Mine was a Dior sweater, that I snagged for a buck. Yes, cheaper than a pack of gum.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Look Good in Those J's

My mom swears by her J Brand jeans. Everyone else I know swears by their J-Brands. I haven't been able to muster up the courage to drop that amount of money on jeans just yet. However if I were in Los Angeles this weekend, maybe I would splurge on a pair. This Saturday from 2PM to 4PM at the LA staple Ron Herman, you can save 20% off all the J Brand jeans you cannot live without, and others you have been dying to try. They even have the Hussein Chalayan collaboration. So head over to 8100 Melrose Ave., at Crescent Heights Blvd., Mid-City West and pick up a pair. Hey, I just might see you, it is pay day on Friday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mix Up Your Threads

So the weekend rolls around, and all you want to put on is a t-shirt and jeans, well shorts since it just got hot in New York. But really stepping out in that ratty white t-shirt with those inevitable pit stains are a fashion no. So head over to Threadless for unique, graphic t-shirts, to punch up your weekend wears. Head over to their website to see which T piques your interest. There are hundreds of interesting styles to choose from. They have texts, with funny sayings to thought provoking images. I am digging the Feathered Fringe; its a great one for summer, and looks like some fancy designer sent it down their runway. Most t-shirts are around $20, but guess what: Threadless is having a sale. Until August 17th, all shirts are on sale, starting at just 8 bucks. Enter code "awesome27945" before the 13th and save an additional $3. Shirts for 5 dollars? I don't even think Hannes costs that much.
You do not see anything you like? Is that really possible? Probably not, but wait until next Monday. New additions debut at the weeks beginning. Still nothing? Then submit your own design. Threadless thrives off of the design ideas of the common folk. So this is your chance to have your art work live and breath on the chests of everyone. Oh and as incentive, if your T-shirt gets printed, you walk away with $500. Imagine that, you could then spend it on 100 t-shirts during this sale.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gilt Free Shopping

Twelve o'clock rolls around and you drop everything you are doing. New Gilt Groupe sales are live. You need a computer STAT. But you log in to find that today's sales are Bedat diamond watches and Cavalli dresses. Even at Gilt's deep discounts, you cannot afford that bling or animal print. Honestly what red carpet event are you attending? So great news starting Wednesday August 12th, Gilt is launching Gilt Fuse, which will feature more contemporary affordable brands. When they take the Gilt discount, it is going to be like paying pennies for a wardrobe. The styles are going to be more trendy featuring a mix of various styles from rocker to bohemian. Already a Gilt member, no problem, since you will have immediate access to the website. Need an invite? Comment on this post and I will pass along a Gilt Groupe invite to you. I do not want you to miss out on this deal. Sorry dudes, this is female friendly only. However, I bet if its a success you soon will see men's merchandise features. So I have made sure this coming Wednesday to be attentively sitting at my computer to see what Gilt Fuse is going to bring to the table. This could be dangerous to the pocketbook, unless I get a killer new one.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slim In Style

So from all that eating you have been doing thanks to restaurant week, and other various blog posts you feel like a blob of lard. Time to head to the gym. But you have no cute getup for the elliptical, and paying full price for clothes to sweat in are not your idea of spending your money wisely. Well head over Athleta, Gap's new athletic division for their end of summer sale. You can save up to 70% off athletic gear on this website. Save on everything from yoga pants to flip flops. They even have some winter wear items, such as hats on sale. Why not get them for a deal before winter is creeping down your back (ICK!). Have a last minute summer vacation planned? Athleta has swimwear for you to purchase as well. No ratty bathing suits allowed on the beach this summer ladies. What better way to find motivation than a cute new outfit at the gym. Remember ladies if you are at yoga, its not a competition to who looks cutest, but who can wrap her leg around her waist 3 times.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If It's Good Enough For MObama, It's Good Enough For Me

So you admire everything Michelle Obama wears but every time you go to J. Crew they are sold out of the latest sweater set. To be honest do you really wear sweater sets in your daily life? I didn't think so. However when you saw her wearing that charm bracelet with all the states on the campaign trail, you knew you had to get it. But no gossip mag or hard hitting news channel told you where to get it. Well I am here with breaking news: MObama was wearing a State Map Charm Bracelet from M&B Vintage.

Now here is how to get your hands around it at a good price, through this EXCLUSIVE deal to Living the Life readers only. Enjoy 30% off any M&B Vintage item for the month of August. You can get your charm on by contacting the company directly through their website (don't worry e-commerce is coming this winter). All you have to do is mention the exclusive Living the Life deal when contacting the company. Or if you happen to be in Nantucket from August 14th to the 16th M&B is having a trunk show at Eye of the Needle. Here you will get to see their wide array of vintage charms and other great products. As an added bonus for getting a killer deal, you will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate on your future M&B purchase. Trust me, you will be going back for yourself, friends and family. There is a reason Oprah's decorator Nate Berkus frequents M&B Vintage for his go-to gift for the women in his life.

So what do they offer you ask? Well, a lot. Customers tend to visit the M&B website for inspiration for their unique piece. The vintage pieces are "one-of-a-FIND", so they work directly with customers (i.e. you), sharing their current collection via digital photos. So you have this grandiose idea for a stellar charm bracelet that you want to come to life. Tell M&B exactly what you are looking for and they will get back to you with a catalog of charms that fit your bill. M&B will work with you tirelessly until you find exactly what you want. As for the Souvenir collection, customers simply place an order through the site with what they would like on their pendants. Take a look at the various items in both collections for inspiration on the website. M&B accepts all major credit cards as well as personal checks. And guess what, before the discount, M&B's prices are so affordable. Starting at $20 for sterling vintage charms; gold ranges from $100 - $500. Souvenir pieces start at $55. Remember if you are not in Nantucket, contact M&B through their website and they are there to make a one of a kind piece that is for you to cherish forever. Now go charm yourself with a M&B Vintage piece.

Eating Is The Spice Of Life

So I love to eat. Can't you tell from some of my recent posts? Well now I am spreading my appetite all the way down to Miami. Like New York, Miami is celebrating their version of restaurant week with Miami Spice. Showcasing Miami's hottest eateries you can have 3-course meal at lunch for $22 and dinner for $35. Lasting all the way through September, you have plenty of time to try all the places participating. You will get to indulge in all the exotic flavors Miami is known for. Check out which of your favorite restaurants are participating on the official website. Now go pick where you are going to have dinner. All cuisines are represented, so its going to be a hard decision.